The Anatomy of Roller Skating: Cleaning Your Bearings

Do you remember the feeling of opening your skates for the very first time? Breathing in that fresh skate smell…taking in the shine? Now they’re used and dirty from countless hours of abuse, scrapes, and falls. Well, let us help you reclaim a little shine to your roll!

Advice on cleaning your bearings:

(1) Gently remove the rubber (or metal) shield on bearings and set aside. DO NOT REMOVE THE BALLS.

(2) Soak in your solvent of choice (pure rubbing alcohol, acetone, etc.) while gently agitating them to make sure the solvent completely swishes throughout the bearing.

(3) Change the solution and repeat until the solution no longer changes color from any dirt or grime that was in the bearings.

(4) Remove bearings and dry IMMEDIATELY. Some cleaning solutions can get sticky or leave a residue if they aren’t dried off right away.

(5) Lubricate your bearings (if you so choose) with something like Speed Cream or another similar lubricant. Lubricant may seem to slow down your skating, but it’s better than your bearings “freezing up” completely and rendering them unskateable!

When you’ve finished, replace your rubber or metal shield and make sure they’re totally back in place before you put your bearings back in your wheels.

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Jonbenet Slamsey #138
Jonbenet Slamsey, #138

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