South Shore Roller Girls Welcome New Coaches for 2018 Season

2018 coachesMeet SSRG’s 2018 coaches – Tekilla Shot (left) and Spark Plug (right). Not new to Roller Derby, but new to coaching the team! 

They are taking SSRG to the next level as a WFTDA team by bringing new drills and exercises to keep us together as a team, our minds sharp, and keeping practices fun and exciting!


How long have you been skating?

Spark Plug– I have been skating for about 3 years.

Tekilla Shot– I have been playing roller derby over 5 years. 

Why did you join derby?

Spark Plug– A friend of mine who plays in Wisconsin encouraged me to try derby. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It really helped me through that period.

Tekilla Shot I was sitting at a table at my parent’s house. I opened up the Times and read an article about a local roller derby team. They were having open try-outs. Roller Derby is the coolest thing! I just had to do it…no hesitation!

How did you get your derby name?

Spark PlugMy derby name, Spark Plug, came about because I’m small but fiery.

Tekilla Shot– I asked friends to come up with something clever that represents my Mexican heritage. One of them came up with “Tekilla Shot” and my number “1800”.   It was perfect.

What made you decide to become a coach?

Spark PlugI became a coach because I love the game and wanted to stay involved, but needed to step away from the contact due to some nagging injuries. I’m 51 and don’t heal as fast anymore. I love the teaching and coaching aspect of the game too. Doing it with Krista makes it even better. We work really well together.

Tekilla ShotI decided to retire from actively playing derby last season but I did not want to completely leave the sport that I fell in love with. I wanted to continue to contribute to the success of the team so coaching was my next step. I am learning a lot because coaching isn’t easy! My team is amazing and I love seeing their progress at each practice. Lisa and I make a great team for the team!

What is your favorite thing about derby?

Spark Plug– My favorite thing about derby is the camaraderie, but I also really love the physicality of the sport.

Tekilla Shot There are so many things I love about derby!! Derby pushed me beyond what I thought my physical and mental limits were. It challenged me to step beyond my comfort zone. I met life-long friends because of derby! I love each and every one of my teammates. I would do anything for them. As coach, I don’t get as many bruises like I used to and I miss that!

What are your day jobs?

Spark PlugI am a pediatric physical therapist as my daytime gig. I help kids learn to be as physically capable as they can be. I guess I’m kinda like a coach to them too!

Tekilla Shot– I manage a Conference Center in beautiful downtown Chicago.

What is a fun fact about yourself that people typically don’t know about you?

Spark Plug– A fun fact about myself…hmm…I’ve been to Antarctica.

Tekilla Shot– I am obsessed with the history of the British Royal Family. I read all the books and watch all the historical shows about them. I think I was British in my past life!

What do you see for SSRG this season?

Spark Plug– SSRG has gone through some changes recently. I see ya  really coming together as a team and I’m looking forward to a great season!

Tekilla Shot This season is going to be amazing! Our team has so much talent!   This year I would like to see the team to go beyond everyone’s expectations. We gained a few experienced transfer skaters this season and they are a powerful addition to our team. We have goals and I know we will reach them. I am honored to be part of it.

What are your biggest goals coaching this year?

Spark Plug- My goals for coaching this year are to provide meaningful and instructive practices and foster team cohesion. And to have a kick ass season!

Tekilla Shot- My biggest goal is to learn as much as I can as a coach for SSRG and to establish trust with the skaters as their trainer. I want to be part of helping South Shore Roller Girls achieve their goals of being one of the biggest roller derby contenders in the Midwest before we conquer the WORLD!

What do you see in your personal derby career the next 3 years?

Spark Plug– I’d like to develop my coaching skills and hopefully will add to the team in that capacity.

Tekilla Shot–  I would love to continue to coach and learn as much as I can.


Interviews conducted by SSRG members

Southurn Comfurt #141
Southurn Comfurt #141
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Creep It Lo #83

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