A closer look at the members of SSRG

We’re mixing it up this newsletter and spotlighting the Co-Captains of the Runaways.  The next edition will feature the Co-Captains of the Derailers.

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Pictured: IntimiDREtion (650) and Colorado CrusHER (532), Co-Captains of SSRG Runaways

Runaways: Colorado CrusHER

Runaways’ Captain, Colorado CrusHER #532, began playing roller derby in early 2013 for the Region Rat Rollers (RRR).  A year later that team reformed to became the South Shore Roller Girls.  She saw being a captain as an “opportunity…to not only play with this amazing team but to directly assist and develop SSRG as we enter our first season officially in WFTDA.”

Colorado CrusHer’s passion for competition and challenges makes her the perfect fit for the physically and mentally challenging sport of roller derby!  She could hardly contain her enthusiasm for the sport when giving advice to those who might be on the fence about playing, “I suggest you give derby a legitimate shot, it may just surprise you!  It’s the only sport that has simultaneous offense and defense and is an amazing workout…Ooo and the best part of all is the friends you’ll make along the way…[T]he truly amazing thing about playing roller derby is that you meet these ladies as strangers and they become your best friends and family!”

Roller derby is a lot of hard work, but “playing on the track with your best friend makes every squat, every sprint lap and every fall worth it.”

Runaways: IntimiDREtion

Runaways’ Co-Captain, IntimiDREtion #650, started her derby career four years ago, although she’s been hooked on the sport for much longer.  Once she found out that a team had been formed in Indiana, she tried out the very next day!

The captains were elected by their teams this year.  IntimiDREtion said, “[i]t’s an honor to represent my team and in competition I always try to keep us motivated and united.”  She goes on to say, “The absolute best thing about this sport and community is that there is a place for everyone.  Our differences make us strong and each person brings a unique skill set, energy and life to the team.”

IntimiDREtion’s advice to anyone considering the sport is, enthusiastically, “Just do it!  Roller derby is all about crushing your goals…and your opponents.”

Come to an upcoming bout and see these awesome athletes in action!


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