2018 Events & Adventures

The South Shore Roller Girls strive to improve individual athleticism, character, and community while promoting team unity. We are dedicated to providing community outreach through events, activities, sponsorships, and volunteering. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. 

May 3, 2018 – Donate Your Dinner!


Do you love food as much as we do? Of course you do! On Thursday May 3rd, we are teaming up with Panera in Merrillville from 4-8pm. Show them this flyer (image to the left) and a percentage of your dinner costs will be donated to us!

Super easy and now you have dinner planned for May 3rd.







March 8, 2018 – Celebrating Women’s Day with SSRG

February 17, 2019 – SSRG Talks Derby on Variety Podcast Show

Stand-up comic Keegan Damron is the creator, producer, and host of local variety podcast Keegan and Friends. In February, he invited SSRG’s Lil’ Nasty and Bruise Li on the show to talk about their love of derby and the South Shore Roller Girls. Listen to the Podcast.

February 17, 2019 – SSRG Parties with the Region!


SSRG celebrated the “Strongest” Party in the Region at the Hammond Civic Center with Mayor McDermott, Jr. and the rest of 219 for the fun, weird and wacky event that celebrates everything Region, 219 Day.  This year, the event’s theme was “Feats of Strength”. The team participated in all of the activities including a Gladiator Joust, Punching Arcade, Thumb Wrestling, Climbing Wall, Selfie Booth, Region Rat Piñata and more.  (Click for Photos)

Contributions to page by SSRG members

Belle O'The Brawl #895
Belle O’The Brawl #895
Unnatural Selection #12
Unnatural Selection #12
Lil Nasty #537
Lil Nasty #537

2018 Season Recap

3/24 – SSRG vs Windy City Rollers – Chicago, IL (Click Here for Photos)

On March 24th, South Shore Roller girls took on The Windy City Rollers team “Third Coast” in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion. You may notice that this game isn’t on our season schedule. That’s because SSRG had the honor of a last minute invite when a team had to cancel on them. Because of the new venue, new opponent, and different (unsanctioned) nature of the game, everyone was eager to play for fun!

ssrg 3_24 (1)
Photo Credit: Arthur Horino

We played a great game. Our walls were tight, and our jammers were quick and juke-y! Unfortunately we lost 106 to 211, but we played very well and came together as a team for a fun game! With such worthy opponents we gained great knowledge and are going to learn and improve from this and use these new skills towards the upcoming bouts.

Don’t miss our next home game on April 28th at Diggz in Hobart.

3/17: Shamrock Shakedown – SSRG’s Opens the Season at New Home

On St. Patrick’s Day, SSRG started the season off with a double header at their new home location, Diggz of NWI at 4590 W 61st Ave, Hobart, IN 46342. The SSRG Runaways faced off against the Confluence Crush Heartbreakers of the Metro East, Illinois area of St. Louis, Missouri. The Heartbreakers turned out to be a formidable opponent! The Runaways fought hard, but still took a crushing loss with the final score of Runaways’ 80 to Confluence Heartbreakers’ 267. (Click Here and Here for Photos)

SSRG Runaways & Confluence Crush Heartbreakers
SSRG Runaways & Confluence Crush Heartbreakers

The next whistle began the second bout when the SSRG Derailers battled the Confluence Crush Smitten Kittens.  This time, SSRG came away with a glorious win! The Derailers finished with 233 in comparison to  Confluence Smitten kittens 148. The loss and win that night had the crowd (and the team) on a rollercoaster of emotions. However, the gracious to win and lose Confluence Crush were truly a wonderful group of women to skate with. (Click Here and Here for Photos)

SSRG Derailers & Confluence Crush Smitten Kittens
SSRG Derailers & Confluence Crush Smitten Kittens

Always dedicated to giving back our community, a portion of the proceeds from the night (as well as a car full of donations!) went to Humane Indiana.

Articles by SSRG members

Lil Nasty - Feb. 9
Lil Nasty #537
Unnatural Selection #12
Unnatural Selection #12

The Anatomy of Roller Skating: Cleaning Your Bearings

Do you remember the feeling of opening your skates for the very first time? Breathing in that fresh skate smell…taking in the shine? Now they’re used and dirty from countless hours of abuse, scrapes, and falls. Well, let us help you reclaim a little shine to your roll!

Advice on cleaning your bearings:

(1) Gently remove the rubber (or metal) shield on bearings and set aside. DO NOT REMOVE THE BALLS.

(2) Soak in your solvent of choice (pure rubbing alcohol, acetone, etc.) while gently agitating them to make sure the solvent completely swishes throughout the bearing.

(3) Change the solution and repeat until the solution no longer changes color from any dirt or grime that was in the bearings.

(4) Remove bearings and dry IMMEDIATELY. Some cleaning solutions can get sticky or leave a residue if they aren’t dried off right away.

(5) Lubricate your bearings (if you so choose) with something like Speed Cream or another similar lubricant. Lubricant may seem to slow down your skating, but it’s better than your bearings “freezing up” completely and rendering them unskateable!

When you’ve finished, replace your rubber or metal shield and make sure they’re totally back in place before you put your bearings back in your wheels.

Learn something new, but still have more questions? FB us your derby-querries today!


Article by SSRG member 

Jonbenet Slamsey #138
Jonbenet Slamsey, #138

Happy birthday, SSRG ladies!

Image result for happy birthday roller skate

Here is a happy belated birthday to the girls who have had birthdays so far this season!

Skater Highlight: 2018 Captain & Co-Captain

2018 Team CaptainsAs many of you know from our media pages, we have some new and exciting Captains this season! You can catch them on the track representing the Runaways by the “C” they wear during bouts. But, get to know them first!

What do our captains do? The Captain and Co-Captain are positions voted on by the team. They work with the training committee and the coaching staff to design and execute team practices in line with the team goals. They are an open resource for the A Team players for advice, questions, and issues.

We took a chance to sit down with our new captains for our 2018 season – H Face  Killa and Creep it Lo. Here is what they had to say during a Q&A.


H Face Killa, #789 Captain

Q: How long you’ve been playing?

A: I have been playing for 7 years.

Q: What made you start derby?

A: I started derby with a couple friends. We always loved skating and were recruited at a local skate rink in Arizona.

Q: Your favorite thing about derby ?

A: There is a tie between my favorite thing about derby. The physical aspect and the community. I love the full contact, bumps and bruises. I also love all the people I’ve met over the years.

Q: The teams have you played for?

A: I have played for Arizona Roller Girls- Hail Marys Arizona Roller Derby- The Surly Girlies and the national team Arizona Tent City Terrors (now Arizona All Stars).

Q: What do you see for SSRG this season?

A: SSRG is off to a great start to our 2018 season. I see our league continuing to sharpen our skills and build our strategies. We have a great opportunity in our Winconsin tournament to show the hard work we have been doing.

Q: What you hope to accomplish as captain?

A: As captain, I hope to bring the knowledge and experience I have to SSRG and continue to grow myself as a leader. I enjoy teaching and love the sport. We are doing great work and I plan to continue our positive momentum.

Q: What do you see in your personal derby career the next 3 years?

A: My derby career plan in the next three years is still skating. I plan on skating until my body says no. After that I will coach and NSO for the rest of time.


Creep it Lo, #83 Co-Captain

Q: How long you’ve been playing?

A: I’ve been playing for 5.5 years.

Q: What made you start derby?

A: I started because it looked fun and I wanted a challenge. I was never in sports in high school, but Derby just seemed right for me.

Q: Your favorite thing about derby ?

A: My favorite thing about Derby is the not only the physicality of it, but being able to hang out with some of my closest friends doing what we all love.

Q: The teams have you played for?

A: Region rat rollers and SSRG.

Q: What do you see for SSRG this season?

A: I see SSRG getting a much better ranking this season!!

Q: What you hope to accomplish as captain?

A: I hope to accomplish more growth not only with the league but myself as well. I want the team to be able to trust me on leading them to victory at our games, give them feedback when needed, teach them new things, and to keep the positivity up!

Q: What do you see in your personal derby career the next 3 years?

A: I see myself still sticking around, and learning and traveling as much as possible with this team. I love the area we live in and as long as we have a team here, I’ll be happy to stay and be a part of it!


Article by SSRG member

Southurn Comfurt #141
Southurn Comfurt #141

South Shore Roller Girls Welcome New Coaches for 2018 Season

2018 coachesMeet SSRG’s 2018 coaches – Tekilla Shot (left) and Spark Plug (right). Not new to Roller Derby, but new to coaching the team! 

They are taking SSRG to the next level as a WFTDA team by bringing new drills and exercises to keep us together as a team, our minds sharp, and keeping practices fun and exciting!


How long have you been skating?

Spark Plug– I have been skating for about 3 years.

Tekilla Shot– I have been playing roller derby over 5 years. 

Why did you join derby?

Spark Plug– A friend of mine who plays in Wisconsin encouraged me to try derby. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It really helped me through that period.

Tekilla Shot I was sitting at a table at my parent’s house. I opened up the Times and read an article about a local roller derby team. They were having open try-outs. Roller Derby is the coolest thing! I just had to do it…no hesitation!

How did you get your derby name?

Spark PlugMy derby name, Spark Plug, came about because I’m small but fiery.

Tekilla Shot– I asked friends to come up with something clever that represents my Mexican heritage. One of them came up with “Tekilla Shot” and my number “1800”.   It was perfect.

What made you decide to become a coach?

Spark PlugI became a coach because I love the game and wanted to stay involved, but needed to step away from the contact due to some nagging injuries. I’m 51 and don’t heal as fast anymore. I love the teaching and coaching aspect of the game too. Doing it with Krista makes it even better. We work really well together.

Tekilla ShotI decided to retire from actively playing derby last season but I did not want to completely leave the sport that I fell in love with. I wanted to continue to contribute to the success of the team so coaching was my next step. I am learning a lot because coaching isn’t easy! My team is amazing and I love seeing their progress at each practice. Lisa and I make a great team for the team!

What is your favorite thing about derby?

Spark Plug– My favorite thing about derby is the camaraderie, but I also really love the physicality of the sport.

Tekilla Shot There are so many things I love about derby!! Derby pushed me beyond what I thought my physical and mental limits were. It challenged me to step beyond my comfort zone. I met life-long friends because of derby! I love each and every one of my teammates. I would do anything for them. As coach, I don’t get as many bruises like I used to and I miss that!

What are your day jobs?

Spark PlugI am a pediatric physical therapist as my daytime gig. I help kids learn to be as physically capable as they can be. I guess I’m kinda like a coach to them too!

Tekilla Shot– I manage a Conference Center in beautiful downtown Chicago.

What is a fun fact about yourself that people typically don’t know about you?

Spark Plug– A fun fact about myself…hmm…I’ve been to Antarctica.

Tekilla Shot– I am obsessed with the history of the British Royal Family. I read all the books and watch all the historical shows about them. I think I was British in my past life!

What do you see for SSRG this season?

Spark Plug– SSRG has gone through some changes recently. I see ya  really coming together as a team and I’m looking forward to a great season!

Tekilla Shot This season is going to be amazing! Our team has so much talent!   This year I would like to see the team to go beyond everyone’s expectations. We gained a few experienced transfer skaters this season and they are a powerful addition to our team. We have goals and I know we will reach them. I am honored to be part of it.

What are your biggest goals coaching this year?

Spark Plug- My goals for coaching this year are to provide meaningful and instructive practices and foster team cohesion. And to have a kick ass season!

Tekilla Shot- My biggest goal is to learn as much as I can as a coach for SSRG and to establish trust with the skaters as their trainer. I want to be part of helping South Shore Roller Girls achieve their goals of being one of the biggest roller derby contenders in the Midwest before we conquer the WORLD!

What do you see in your personal derby career the next 3 years?

Spark Plug– I’d like to develop my coaching skills and hopefully will add to the team in that capacity.

Tekilla Shot–  I would love to continue to coach and learn as much as I can.


Interviews conducted by SSRG members

Southurn Comfurt #141
Southurn Comfurt #141
Creep It Lo #83
Creep It Lo #83


A closer look at the members of SSRG

We’re mixing it up this newsletter and spotlighting the Co-Captains of the Runaways.  The next edition will feature the Co-Captains of the Derailers.

skater highlight

Pictured: IntimiDREtion (650) and Colorado CrusHER (532), Co-Captains of SSRG Runaways

Runaways: Colorado CrusHER

Runaways’ Captain, Colorado CrusHER #532, began playing roller derby in early 2013 for the Region Rat Rollers (RRR).  A year later that team reformed to became the South Shore Roller Girls.  She saw being a captain as an “opportunity…to not only play with this amazing team but to directly assist and develop SSRG as we enter our first season officially in WFTDA.”

Colorado CrusHer’s passion for competition and challenges makes her the perfect fit for the physically and mentally challenging sport of roller derby!  She could hardly contain her enthusiasm for the sport when giving advice to those who might be on the fence about playing, “I suggest you give derby a legitimate shot, it may just surprise you!  It’s the only sport that has simultaneous offense and defense and is an amazing workout…Ooo and the best part of all is the friends you’ll make along the way…[T]he truly amazing thing about playing roller derby is that you meet these ladies as strangers and they become your best friends and family!”

Roller derby is a lot of hard work, but “playing on the track with your best friend makes every squat, every sprint lap and every fall worth it.”

Runaways: IntimiDREtion

Runaways’ Co-Captain, IntimiDREtion #650, started her derby career four years ago, although she’s been hooked on the sport for much longer.  Once she found out that a team had been formed in Indiana, she tried out the very next day!

The captains were elected by their teams this year.  IntimiDREtion said, “[i]t’s an honor to represent my team and in competition I always try to keep us motivated and united.”  She goes on to say, “The absolute best thing about this sport and community is that there is a place for everyone.  Our differences make us strong and each person brings a unique skill set, energy and life to the team.”

IntimiDREtion’s advice to anyone considering the sport is, enthusiastically, “Just do it!  Roller derby is all about crushing your goals…and your opponents.”

Come to an upcoming bout and see these awesome athletes in action!



What’s all that arm-waving and whistling about?!

This nifty guide, provided courtesy of the Texas Roller Girls, shows some common referee hand signals you’re likely to see during a bout.

Ref Signals

(See, it’s a “no pack” being called, not a referee acting like a mime!)

For more official WFTD referee hand signals, click here.

Facebook us your derby questions today!



2017 Event Recaps
Kicking up Dust

SSRG had a busy year filled with outreach events and multiple mixers.  Here’s what you may have missed!

November 5: SSRG geared up for the holiday season. Check out our Christmas Tree.

October 20: Figure 8 Brewing and SSRG teamed up to hand out candy for Trick-or-Treat in Downtown Valparaiso!



October 14: The Derailers played an away bout against the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls.  They played their hearts out, but were defeated, 260/117.  Roller Vortex got MVJ and Holly Peno was awarded MVB.

Holly Peño MVB on 10/14
Holly (pictured right) said, “It was a great game with amazing people. It was also my first official bout with SSRG and my first time receiving mvb!! Best night ever!”

September 16: Derailers played a mixer with Demolition City and the Chicago Outfit.  The score was SSRG 95-63 at halftime.  It was tied up at 144 with 5 minutes and 35 seconds left.  In a very exciting finish SSRG won in the last jam, 171-164.

September 9: The girls participated in Valparaiso’s annual Popcorn Fest. If you missed the fest, check out the SSRG float below.


July 28: SSRG and fans walked in the annual Pierogi Fest in Whiting. The crowd and fellow parade members bumped elbows with SSRG as we danced to polka music through town.

July 13: The South Shore Roller Girls were the Sponsored Charity of the NWI Oilmen for their July 13th baseball game!  A portion of the proceeds were be donated to SSRG and the ladies enjoyed a beautiful evening at out at the ballpark watching the NWI Oilmen win against the Vikings with a final score of 5-6.

July 3:  The South Shore Roller Girls skated in the Highland Independence Day Twilight Parade along Kennedy Avenue.  They gave out candy and beach balls during the fun-filled parade.


July: Women ages 18+ were invited to join the South Shore Roller Girls for our New Skater Program every Tuesday and Thursday in July. If you missed this, but are interested in trying out roller derby – send us an email! SSRG hosts a variety of training and recruitment events throughout the year. The next Derby 101 is scheduled for every Sunday in January 2018. Click here for more information on Derby 101.

We are currently also recruiting new referees!  This training is open to any gender who is interested in becoming an on-skates official!  Please email us for more details on becoming an SSRG member or referee at joinus@southshorerollergirls.com.

derby needs you

June 17: D’Fleured, Ramen Noodles, Tekilla Shot, Amelia NoHeart, Go Vertigo, Killer Tofu, Valravn, and Goldie Rocks played as the Mashup Mavens in a showdown with Third Coast in a scrimmage on Saturday.

June 15:  An interleague scrimmage was held.  Both the Runaways and Derailers got the chance to square off against each other on mixed teams. It was not only a great bout scenario practice, but also gave SSRG members a chance to practice referring and NSOing (non-skating officiating) in different positions.

June 4: Valravn and Bruise Li headed to Springfield, IL for a themed scrimmage, “Summer Shovin’” that pitted the T-birds against the Pink Ladies.  In this fun matchup all participating skaters had been bouting for a year or less.

June 3: Several members of SSRG made the trek to Decatur, IL to play in a mixer with the Prairieland Punishers.  T-Rek-Her, Belle O’ The Brawl, CM Punch, LuchaGora, Havana Slamma, and Goldie Rocks all participated.  Havana Slamma commented,”It was a fabulous experience…to be able to come together with strangers and fall even more in love with derby!”

April 13:  An intraleague scrimmage took place against the Illiana Derby Dames.  This was a great chance for skaters to hone and practice and fine-tune their bouting skills and game strategies.

March 17: The League participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Crown Point, Indiana. The lighted night parade featured 32 entries for the 32 counties of Ireland, with Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums. The downtown area was decorated with green lights and creative window displays. SSRG hung out at the after party at Sip Coffeehouse on The Square afterwards, for a chance to say hi to fans!




The South Shore Roller Girls got into the holiday spirit by decorating a tree on November 5th at the Indiana Welcome Center.


There is a rollergirl for the tree topper!

Stop by 7770 Corinne Dr, Hammond, Indiana 46323, to see it and many other trees decorated by the community at the South Shore CVA annual exhibit.